Published July 20, 2015 by alivyadeshun


Everyday we are being judged,

Either by God, others, or even ourselves.

People call us names and make fun of  us or what we wear,

Not realizing it they are judging  us.

Which is also a “Label” called judgment.

Our only Label should be “I AM ME!”


Plaid’s meaning

Published May 5, 2015 by alivyadeshun

“Plaid is a Scots language word meaning blanket, usually referring to patterned woolen cloth; it is unclear if the Gaelic word Plaid came first. Sometimes, mostly in England, this word is spelled Plad.
* In British English, particularly in Scotland, a plaid or a plaid rug is a large thick woolen twill cloth, often tartan, used as a travel rug or as a blanket. It may be laid on the ground as a tablecloth for a picnic.

* When the modern kilt is worn as a dress uniform, for example by pipe band Drum majors, a plaid is a pleated cloth in the same tartan as the kilt, cast over the shoulder and fastened at the front. A similar plaid in checked cloth was formerly worn by Scottish lowlands shepherds.

* Historically the earlier form of the kilt was the belted plaid, a double width of thick woolen cloth worn pleated and fastened around the waist by a belt, with the upper half often cast over the shoulder but sometimes hanging down over the belt and gathered up at the front or brought up over the head for protection against weather. This was worn over a leine (or shirt) and formed a cheap all-weather outfit that also served as a blanket or bedroll for wild camping. It is mostly associated with the Scottish highlands, but was also used in poor lowland rural areas. * Plaid is also American English for tartan. Plaid is cloth made with alternating stripes and bands of color woven into or dyed onto the fabric. This makes blocks of color that repeat vertically and horizontally in a pattern of squares and lines.

* In the 1990s, with the grunge era rising, plaid and flannel became a very popular clothing item with the rising popularity of groups like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains.

If you have ever seen the Brawny Paper towel man, he is wearing Plaid. Also, if you go to this link you can see and look at an article about plaid.”


The Dream

Published May 5, 2015 by alivyadeshun

   The life I live isn’t always peaches and cream. It’s  more like a dream the most people never wake up from. One day I hope that I will wake up from the dream that we call a nightmare! Our whole life could be a lie and no body would ever know it because we are to busy sleeping than waking up to know the true. I don’t understand why people don’t want to wake up.

Life has been a mystery for years. For some of us, even centuries or days. Well its about time we solve that mystery to help our children have a great life. Being miserable isn’t fun, and neither is making someone miserable.Just because you have a bad day doesn’t mean anyone else should.They could be trying to cheer you up, but you would be in such a bad mood you wouldn’t realize it.

I have this friend named Tara Talley, and she is always sad. It hurts me just to see her that way. She was sad because of one of my other friends named Victor Castaneda. They have tried to go out but Victor had told Tara he only went out with because of his cousin. Tara cried for days, It hurt me so bad I almost hurt Victor. Well he told her that he loved her and that really hurt her even more.

At the end of the day I told her The thing that hurts the most is when someone says those words and doesn’t mean it! Now she is with someone who really cares for her and wont hurt in any way, shape, or form. Now I have respect for him because she has never been more happy than when she is with him. My basic point is life is about making mistakes and taking chances. I mean, how else are you suppose to know what we did is right or wrong.

Speak Up…

Published March 20, 2015 by alivyadeshun

For a little bit of two years now I have been having problems. Before last year I haven’t said anything about it. This year it got worst. I went to the E.R. yesterday.  It was nothing really major, just that I have to eat more nutrients and drink lots and lots of water. The reason I’m telling you this is because there are so many people who are having problems or are being bullied or beat or have seen people die by people they know and they wont say anything. How do you expect to be rescued or saved. You have to speak up, you have a voice so use it! If your not comfortable in your situation then try to tell some one. Make a lot of noise if your locked in a house and cant get out. If you make noise then you might have a chance, just hope someone hears you. SILENTS IS PAINFUL, SPEAK UP!!!


Rachel Scott

Published October 29, 2014 by alivyadeshun

I love those Alaskans! Here’s a message from a student in a recent assembly I did there.

2013-10-01 00:57:53 (MDT) Dear Mr. & Mrs. Scott (Rachel’s parents),
I just had Rachel’s Challenge Event take place at my school (school name redacted) in Alaska. I couldn’t tell you enough how much your daughter has inspired me to live. I have been struggling with thoughts of suicide. I have never in my 17 years had someone touch my heart like your daughter has. I have never before experienced the feeling of wanting to go on with life and help those around me. Thank you for allowing Rachel to be with us and inspire us to live and love.
Rachel gave me the opportunity to want to live my life for a long time and I am determined to do the same for others.
I hope you have read this because you need to know how amazing your daughter IS. and always be. I WILL do Rachel’s Challenge.
Yours Truly,

I hope you create a chain of love and kindness!

Have a blessed day!